HR Massage: We know that qualified and happy employees are an important factor in reaching our goals. With this awareness we are giving a shape to our Human Resources management. We do the selection of the human resource that we need by considering the equal opportunity principle among the candidates who are open to development and will assimilate our values. We prioritize performance management based on objective criteria, career planning, our personal and professional development training in our HR approachment.

We take care of internships in our company, with our Professional fellow workers, we make our students' first work experience easier. We know that the internship we provide is of value to our company.


Our HR Policy;

Success is a journey...

  • By adopting qualified, dynamic, company values, to add to our family who individuals with vision and background that can move with team spirit and to maintain permanence in the direction of common goals,
  • Creating a participatory and learning organization that can adapt to changing conditions,
  • Improve individual performance and team performance that will enable us to achieve our goals,
  • Provide a work environment where all our employees can feel,
  • Always moving forward with our motivated, success-oriented family members.