• Being a reliable and preferred company in the services we provide in the medical device sector,
  • To ensure compliance with the legislation, standards of Management Systems established within the ETC in ETC Code of Ethics and to make the effectiveness of these systems continuous,
  • To meet the requirements of our customers, within technical and financial opportunities, in accordance with national and international legislation and standards,
  • To ensure that our quality policy is attainable by all of our stakeholders,
  • Mission, to determine and revize our objectives that are determined though our vision in accordance to our quality policy,
  • To make all our stakeholders feel that success is the result of those who work with love,


Additional Declarations Related to the Environment:

  • To see preventing environmental pollution as our social responsibility and to implement preventive methods accordingly,
  • To control our environmental aspects in accordance with the law,
  • To inform our employees about this issue,


Additional Declarations Regarding Occupational Health and Safety:

  • To implement the methods providing Occupational Health and Safety that our OHS committee has determined,
  • To determine our OHS risks from a realistic point of view and minimize reduce them according the legislations,
  • To improve the OHS system in accordance with the ETC Quality Policy, to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To ensure that employees are informed about OHS and participated in the process,


It is our commitment to ensure that our employees adopt our declarations and let our external stakeholders and our people know out our declarations.