Etkin Medical Devices Service Trade and Industry Co. Ltd. strives to protect company assets and values through risk management policy that is established in line with vision, mission and ethical values. Furthermore aims to act in accordance with legal requirements, to gain customer satisfaction and trust, to constantly improve and to contribute to the development of domestic capital.

In this regards, our declaration on risk management;;

  • To comply with applicable national and international laws, regulations, legislation and standards and to approach all our stakeholders with a sense of responsibility,
  • Providing any resource needed for the identified risk management,
  • Ensuring sustainability by continuously improving the risk management process,
  • To take into account the risk levels in all processes carried out within the ETC and to take necessary measures about the source in order to reduce risks to an acceptable and applicable limits,
  • To establish and implement a risk management system within ETC objectives,
  • Identify, implement, regularly monitor and conduct the necessary regulatory activities to promote risk-based thinking in the risk management process.