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LED Surgical Lights

ETC LED, is the first native LED based lighting system produced in Turkey, which is for surgery and diagnostics, developed as a result of a project that was funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) that lasted for almost 2 years. Technical properties and quality of the system has reached above the World industry standards entirely with the works of devoted Turkish engineers and technicians.

Longer Service Life, Ergonomic Use

The LEDs that are used in ETC Led Series have 40 times longer service life than the halogen lights enabling dramatic cost savings in system operation and maitenance.

Body shape is designed for medical professionals allowing an ergonomic work space and minimizing the turbulance. Operating environment is effected less than by 1° Celcius. Body and lenses are made of shock and impact resistant material.

Uninterrupted Light Source System & Shadow Dilution

ETC LED lighthead consists of 3 basic and 3 independent lighting modules that increase the stability of the light field. Real white light is obtained via different colored LEDs on the modules. LED technology and the design of the light head also provides enhanced mitigation of the shadow cast by the surgery staff.